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Welcome to my website! I will post my art here whenever I manage to finish anything worth sharing. Sometimes I put doodle/sketch updates in blog posts. Maybe one day I will add some fic to this site...

LAST UPDATED: 3.20.24 Life has been insanely busy! I have very little time for art at the moment, and when I do, it's being spent on commissions at this time. Most of my commissions don't get posted here. Anyway, I still plan on keeping my site up to date! I just haven't had anything to add recently. Hope you're all well and that I'll return with new art soon!

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This site contains my art! You may not distribute or repost my work without my permission. You may not edit, change, or remove credit on any of my images for any reason. If you would like to repost or promo my art on other sites, please reach out to me via one of the linked social medias under the "find me" navigation tab. Anything to do with AI and my art is strictly prohibited. Thank you!